We traveled to the highlands of the Kenyan Rift Valley to make this film about Kenyan running culture for Golazo. Kenya's Rift Valley is a mecca for running champions. For decades runners from Kenya and Ethiopia have been dominating distance races. From 1968 onwards, Kenyan athletes have been a force to reckon with. What's intrigued runners and experts is that so many champions come from, or train at, Rift Valley in Kenya. In particular, the town of lten, which sits on the edge of the valley 7,000 feet above sea level, has produced so many marathon runners that it's known as the city of champions.

Director: Eva Verbeeck and Spencer MacDonald
Producer/Creative Director: Eva Verbeeck
Cinematographer/Editor: Spencer MacDonald
Color consultant: AJ Molle 
Client: Golazo

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All Images © Eva Verbeeck