As a young European woman, I always idealized the iconic culture of the United States. Having lived here for multiple years I see things in a more nuanced way. As a photographer I am interested in the role women play in this ionic narrative of American society. I want to investigate how young women are sexualized and stereotyped every day in various ways. I choose to photograph a variety of young American girls to show the diversity among these girls. Met with countless stereotypes young women want to be recognized as their own individuals.

I want to give a voice to these young women. The girls in these portraits are between six and 18 years old. I am interested in adolescence as a fleeting and transitional stage. Young girls seem to go through an incredibly rapid change in their teens, being a child to becoming an adult seems to occur overnight. These portraits show a transitional stage and how it is different for each individual.  ( Ongoing project )

All Images © Eva Verbeeck